How to ban/moderate someone

It’s very annoying that some people spam on your chat while streaming, and it’s also inconvenient to ban them because you have to leave the game. So you can use the ban/moderate feature to help you. How to do? There’re 2 ways:
  1. During streaming:
    If you want someone to help you control the chat (ban people) while streaming, and you could find his comment on chat, then you could tap his/her username, there’re some options pop up:
    Mute(ban): He/She can’t send you any comments/messages
    Moderate:He/She could ban anyone on your chat
    Mention: @someone 
  2. On messages:
    When you open someone’s profile page, and tap the message icon, you could contact him/her via direct message. Look at right corner, you’ll find 3 points, click it the options will pop up too, similar options as chatroom.

Attention: Moderate someone you trust, otherwise he/she may mute all you viewers.


You could also unban/unmoderate with the same ways. There's a third way to relieve muted users or moderators.
Please open your profile page, and find the "gear" icon near "Edit profile" button:


Then you can find the muted/moderators list, you could urban/unmoderated there.

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