How to use OBS to broadcast iOS Games on Mac OS

To begin broadcasting your iOS games by using OBS on Shou, first you will need a Verified Shou account. Once your account was certified, visit your Edit page on any browsers to get RTMP URL and Stream Key. Next, you will need install broadcasting software 'OBS' on your Mac.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. 

Click here to download Open Broadcaster Software.

Step 1. Mirroring iOS to Mac

QuickTime can help you mirroring iOS to Mac. 


1. Connect your iOS devices to Mac via the charging cable

2. Open QuickTime and click Flie > New Movie Recording.


3. In QuickTime click the Camera Select arrow to the right of the record button and select your iOS device.


Then your device's screen should show in the QuickTime window.

Step 2. Setting OBS. 

  1. Click the plus button '+' to add a Source.
  2. Click Window Capture to add your phone mirroring program from the drop down.


  1. Click Video Capture source to add your webcam from the drop down.


Step 3. Get RTMP URL and Stream Key in OBS.

1.You can find your private RTMP URL and Stream Key in your Edit page. Click Shou icon and select a game.


2. Add your RTMP URL and Stream Key in OBS.

Click SettingStream and Select Custom Streaming Server from the Stream Type dropdown.

 add RTMP URL and Stream Key.



3. Choose right Output Settings

Where's Output settings?

        Find the Settings at right bottom:


        Click OutPut and choose "Advanced"     


        You should change settings as same as this picture except bitrate:


        What bitrate can I use? 

        According to the upload speed, please choose the suitable bitrate:

  • ​Bitrate for 1500+, upload speed required 2Mbps+
  • Bitrate for 800-1500, upload speed required 1-2Mbps
  • Bitrate for 800-: less than 1Mbps

     * Recommended: 70%-80% of your upload speed, going over 2000kbps is generally not recommended


4. Ready to Stream.

Back to the first page and click Start Streaming.



click here for a full OBS guide.


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