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  • Why I can’t find the broadcast button at right bottom?
    Please check your system version first. Our app requires Android 5.0+ or Android 4.4+rooted to unlock the broadcast button. It means that you need to upgrade to Android 5.0+ if it’s possible or root the device. For more information, click here.  

  • I’ve rooted my device, I still can’t find the broadcast button. Why?
    You need to double check the Shou’s access from SuperUser. If you give Shou access and the button still won’t show up, maybe your device use an Intel CPU which our app doesn’t support.
  • Where's the broadcast settings
    There's a little gear at right side of the Settings, just tap it.



  • How can I open FaceCam while broadcasting?
    You have to activate floating window in settings, then as soon as you start a stream, the floating window appears, just tap the floating window you can open FaceCam.

  • My streaming is laggy, how can I fix it?
    --Clean the caches and close other apps before use Shou;
    --Please check your upload speed (, then choose a suitable quality, here is the quality you could choose:
            Low: Below 1Mbps
            Medium: Must over 1Mbps
            High: Must over 3Mbps
    --Change different source engine and encoding engine.

  • My Shou always crashes, what can I do?
    Clean the caches and close other apps, then try again.
  • When I start broadcasting, Shou notices me “No Internet connection” but I have, how can I fix it?
    --Reduce quality;
    --Turn off and on your wifi, then try again.
  • After 0.11.0, removing Record and Mirror features to AirShou. You can find it in Google Store.
  • I can’t use SD card to record, I will get an “No Internet connection or no storage”, what can I do?
    Not every device could save the recordings on SD card, you have to change to save on device.
  • I can’t watch my recordings, what’s wrong?
    Please don’t choose format ".mov", change to another format then try again.
  • When I watch my videos, I get a green screen, what can I do?
    --Switch Swap UV in settings;
    --Change different source engine and encoding engine;
    --Don’t tick Full Screen in settings.

  • I choose a high resolution, but my quality is bad, what’s wrong?
    You need to add the resolution and bitrate at the same time. If you use Software as source engine, the quality is bad too.
  • I saw other people have an Internal option in audio settings, why I don’t have that?
    Android 4.4+ rooted and Android 5.0+ rooted systems have this option, it doesn’t exist on Android 6.0+ and 7.0+ even though you root the device.

  • May I use a headphone when I record?
    Sorry, our app doesn’t support headphone.
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