Getting Started

Welcome to Shou! We're so glad to have you join. First, download the Shou app from the iTunes App Store for iOS or from the Google Play Store for Android.


Creating an account

Creating an accout is easy on Shou. With Shou's account, you can interact with broadcasters and the community via chat, and follow your favorite broadcasters to receive notifications when they go live.

You can sign up with your facebook and email. Alterntively, you may also sign up for Shou account by using Twitter or Google.



How to customize you profile page

The profile page is your portfolio on Shou. You can add a large channel poster (Cover), personalized avatar and bro. When a visitor lands on your profile, she/he can getting to know you by info including bio text, views, likes, games, your past broadcasts, following or followers lists.

For iOS version, you can edit your porfile at 'Me' -> 'Edit Profile'

P.S. At setting, you can manage your moderators and muted users lists also you can broadcast camera in 



For Android version






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