Tips for broadcasting on Shou!

Post an expected time of broadcast on your social networks

Let people know when you’ll stream on Shou, make your followers to watch your broadcasting.

A strong connection is the precondition

A good Internet will help you broadcast longer, and have a good image quality.


An attractive and concise Title is a bonus point for you

An impressive Titles will help you to get more views and followers, to make your streaming stand out from the home page.


Choose the right game which you will broadcast

Some people will watch the lives selectively, they choose them by games.

Ask your viewers to follow you and follow back them to get more views

When you’re a newbie on Shou, don’t be shine and ask people to follow you, don’t forget to follow back, you could manage following list at any time.

Respond to all comments and keep interacting with viewers during streaming

The audiences will be excited when they hear your reply, it will be able to enhance their sense of participation.

A long duration will help you reach more views

Broadcasting longer than 10 mins will be shown on Home page, do as long as you can will elevate the streaming on the top. 

Broadcast regular and keep in touch with your followers

Broadcast frequently and play different games will ensure augment followers.


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