How to broadcast on iOS 11

With iOS 11 coming out, broadcast games become more easily than before, because iOS 11 adds ReplayKit 2 to support screen recording feature. Let me tell you how to broadcast with the latest version of Shou:



Version checking: 

Please update Shou to the latest version (0.18.0 and up) and make sure your device is on iOS 11 of course;

Add screen recording on Control Center:

Please go to system Settings/ Control Center/ Customize controls, find Screen Recording feature and add it.



How to start broadcasting:

Please open Shou and click the Camera icon at top right corner.


Press Go Live to set title, orientation and quality;


Swipe up the control center at any time, and long-press the Rec icon, choose Shou then press start to broadcast.



Please DO NOT kill Shou while broadcasting, otherwise you can't reply/ mute via notification.

Please DO NOT open music play or voice chatting app while broadcasting, otherwise your broadcast become soundless.

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